Circularity in action: sustainable innovations in Amsterdam

Reflower and Dik & Schil emerge as two pioneering businesses in Amsterdam to advance the circular economy through innovative solutions. Their steadfast dedication to circular principles is evident in their disruptive approach to the industry, where they actively reduce waste and ingeniously repurpose materials to infuse new life into their products.

Circularity in action: awakening Ghana’s circular economy

Sabon Sake and the OR Foundation, two dynamic enterprises based in Ghana, are united by a common vision to revolutionise the Ghanaian economy into a pioneering leader in the circular economy. To amplify the impact of such innovative initiatives, Impact Hub Accra plays a pivotal role by harnessing the power of innovation generated by startups within its vibrant community.

Circularity Tales: from organic waste to alternative proteins

AgriLife, a Tanzania-based venture established in 2021, is on a mission to revolutionise sustainability by transforming organic waste into a valuable resource. By using black soldier fly larvae to produce eco-friendly protein for poultry and organic fertiliser for crops, AgriLife is tackling environmental issues associated with traditional livestock feed. With support from Impact Hub Dar es Salaam, AgriLife successfully incorporated circular principles into their business.

Circularity Tales: a new life for plastic waste in Tanzania

Founded in 2019 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, PREYO CO. LTD leads in plastic waste management, adopting a circular economy approach. Through their involvement in Impact Hub Dar es Salaam’s circularity pilot programme, they have gained valuable insights into circular practices. This experience has strengthened their commitment to creating a closed loop between product and waste management.

Circularity Tales: tackling the problem of single-use cups in Spain

Irri Sarri, spearheaded by visionary entrepreneur Ander Alvarez, stands at the forefront of the global movement towards a circular economy, combatting the environmental repercussions of single-use plastic. Through active participation in Impact Hub Donostia’s global pilot programme, Irri Sarri evolved from a reusable cup solution to a comprehensive exploration of their entire product lifecycle.

Circularity Tales: tackling the waste problem in coffee industries

KAFEA.ECO, a company committed to revolutionising the coffee industry with a focus on addressing the environmental impact of waste materials, particularly coffee capsules, is at the forefront of circular economy practices. With a circular mindset from inception, the company aims to implement its system nationwide and beyond, emphasising the importance of circular thinking in business practices.

Circularity Tales: accelerating the transition in Rwanda

Impact Hub Kigali is a dynamic and forward-thinking innovation hub in Rwanda, dedicated to fostering sustainable business practices and social impact. As part of the global Impact Hub Network, it actively engages in promoting circular economy principles, evident in its successful conclusion of the Circular Economy Acceleration Program. Their commitment to nurturing innovative and socially responsible enterprises makes it a pivotal force in the sustainable development landscape in Rwanda and beyond.

Circularity Tales: piloting implementation in Zimbabwe

In a global effort to promote circularity for a sustainable future, Impact Hub Harare successfully executed a six-month circularity programme. The initiative involved the careful selection of 11 ventures, predominantly comprising social enterprises at different stages of development.

Circularity Tales: accelerating green impact in Barcelona

The inaugural edition of “Raíz,” organised by Impact Hub Barcelona, showcased a diverse cohort of innovative startups committed to integrating circularity principles into their business models. The five participating startups of the programme were provided valuable training and facilitated meaningful connections, contributing to the overall success and impact of these ventures.

Circularity Tales: environmental entrepreneurship in Dakar

In Senegal, the surge in environmental entrepreneurship among the youth is evident through projects addressing sanitation, pollution, and plastic waste. Impact Hub Dakar’s circularity programme, “Wërngël-Bi,” has been pivotal in nurturing these initiatives. Josephine Tine, co-founder of ART-Pesoung, Hadji Malick Sagne, of Cactus Innovation, and Adja Aissatou Diallo, founder of Galle epitomise the transformative potential of sustainable solutions in Senegal’s shift towards a circular economy.

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