26 November 2019

Build thriving online communities with this new resource

Climate change, social injustice, access to education: now more than ever, the complex challenges and pressing issues our societies are facing globally can only be tackled through unprecedented cooperation. Our methods of interacting are rapidly changing; we already live in an interconnected world where technology has become an essential part of everyday life and allows for new forms of collaboration. As a result, a number of staggering for-profit online communities have already been established. However, many communities aiming for social good are struggling to replicate such successes due to a lack of funds, experience and skilled support. It’s time to start working together to build flourishing online communities for impact. 

The iac Berlin, the Impact Hub Network, WWF Switzerland, Luc Hoffmann Institute, and Ouishare have joined forces to create Virtual Communities for Impact, a practical and adaptable toolkit that empowers community builders to learn from the experience of their peers and unleash the collective power of their community.

On a single platform, it captures best practices, case studies, tools and resources, all sourced from over 30 international organizations that have rich and vast expertise in community building in the impact sector. This toolkit is perfect for both beginner and advanced level community builders from foundations, networks and groups that are working on social and environmental causes. No matter your experience, cause or location, you will find what you need to build a thriving online community.

Wondering what to expect? Here’s a snapshot of the content:

    • How to: 
      • Set up a virtual community strategy and a content strategy
      • Activate others
      • Ensure inclusiveness and diversity
      • Combine online and offline community building
      • Make decisions as a community
      • Measure success

The toolkit is free, easy to use, with chapters for every stage of community development, presented in a question and answer format. You’ll find practical tools and templates that can be downloaded and applied, and the content will continue to grow with new collaborations.

So, are you ready to get started? Let’s use the power of technology to strengthen online communities, collaborate beyond borders, missions or timezones, and create positive change together. Visit: communitiesforimpact.org!