7 Startups Tackling the Refugee Crisis
14 September 2018 - Impact Hub

As the refugee crisis continues across Europe, stories of inhumane treatment and living conditions for those in transit still fuel much of the international media. But there is, simultaneously, a lot being done about it. That’s why we’ve chosen to highlight 5 startups tackling the refugee crisis.

From London to Amsterdam and then some, there are remarkable stories out there that don’t always make the headlines. What we’re highlighting here is just the tip of the iceberg…

1. Jobs4refugees

Once you arrive in a new country, integrating into the local labour market can be one of the toughest challenges. That’s why Jobs4refugees was founded: to help refugees find work and apprenticeships. Located in Impact Hub Berlin, this startup supports refugees with application trainings and workshops, by finding fitting job-openings, and during the entire application and hiring process.

2. Movement on the Ground

Movement on the Ground is a group of business people, creatives and companies who use social media to connect with refugees to ensure their safe passages. Members of Impact Hub Amsterdam, the organization does this by collecting and donating much needed resources such as warm clothes, lights, heaters, tents and hot food to those in transit.


PNGK (“Propelled by Need Guided by Knowledge”) use open-source software to provide technology and consultancy services to humanitarian and development organizations. With their tech-for-good approach, this startup aims amplify positive impact by bridging humanitarian organizations and the scientific community.​ In fact their work is so impactful that the company recently won Impact Hub Amsterdam’s 14th Business Model Challenge, a program that many other innovators on this list took part in.

4. Refugees Code

This startup offers a nine-month training program to refugees who want to develop coding and software development skills, completely free of charge.Working at Impact Hub Vienna, Refugees Code is aimed at local, unemployed people and want to build careers as developers in the near future.

5. Refugee Rights Europe

Based in Impact Hub King’s Cross, Refugee Rights Europe is fighting to protect the human rights and living conditions of those affected. Founded by Marta Welander, the organization uses a research-led approach to find solutions that will best achieve a more equal society for all.

6. Springboard Youth Academy

Springboard Youth Academy is a UK-based summer program that provides language and psychological support to young refugees entering the mainstream education system. Working from Impact Hub Amsterdam, this organization uses a holistic approach to help young migrants settle into their new communities.

7. Takecarebnb

Based in the Netherlands, Takcarebnb matches refugees with host families, who each open their homes to a permit holders for three months. Ever since the organization was founded three years ago, 155 permit holders have been able to stay with a family in the Netherlands.

So, whether it’s by providing lights and clothes, to sharing tech and even opening up private homes, entrepreneurs across Europe are opening their hearts and minds to help drive some of the most innovative solutions to the current situation. Whether it’s just an individual working from home or a whole community collaborating online, each of these startups give us the inspiration we need, and show that it’s possible to make some real impact on Europe’s refugee crisis…