6 Education Champions Worth Your Time
7 January 2019 - Impact Hub

We Have A Global Learning Crisis

At the end of 2018, UNESCO released a report on the state of education across the world – and it didn’t exactly inspire hope. According this study, schools across the world are failing to provide many students with basic literacy and mathematical skills. This dire situation boils down to 3 key problems.

1. Lack of access to schooling

2. Failure to keep children in school

3. Poor quality of education in schools

Like it or not, we are in the midst of a worldwide learning crisis.

But There Is Hope

While it may seem bleak that this problem exists in all corners of the globe, rest assured that the solutions are too. Out of Impact Hub’s entire global network, education is what drives the majority of our members. As the most addressed topic in the community, reaching SDG 4: Quality Education is at the top of everyone’s list.

Last year the Community Impact Report revealed just how much this issue is being worked on in every region. For instance, SDG 4 is addressed by:

  • 32% of members in Latin America & the Caribbean
  • 32% in Asia Pacific
  • 30% in Africa & Middle East
  • 28% in Europe
  • 28% in North America

So no matter how difficult the outcome may seem right now, solutions are coming. Many are already out there, and soon you can discover them in detail right here on our blog.

Education Champions Worth Your Time

We’re kicking off the new year by celebrating the champions of learning, so here’s what you can look forward to in the coming weeks…

1. The company linking edtech and fintech with “the MBA for the rising billions”

Mosabi‘s mission is unlocking financial opportunity through innovative learning. To this aim, Mosabi empowers under-served populations worldwide with the “MBA for the rising billions” – phone-based, business-focused e-learning to help citizens increase their income and link to digital financial services. Mosabi’s partner financial institutions benefit from insights including an alternative credit score via API, while offering financial products more confidently and efficiently to learners who have expanded their knowledge and skillsets.

2. Get to know the founders of Equal Education

In a recent interview with Equal Education founders, we found out all there is to know about this UK-based startup. The team behind this company work with schools and virtual schools to narrow the attainment gap between children in care and those who aren’t. Soon we’ll share our interview to find out why it’s so important to connect students with much needed tutors in the UK.

3. Meet the finalists of this year’s Greiner Family Impact Initiative

The Greiner Family Impact Initiative is an accelerator program run by Impact Hub Vienna, designed to bridge the gap between start-ups, know-how and funding. Each year the program chooses a different focus and right now, the aim is to support equal access to education and employment opportunities as a means to reduce risks of poverty and social exclusion. In the coming weeks, we’ll introduce you to its most promising participants.

4. Overcome your communication impediment

Hablando Con Julis is an all-in-one technological solution that enables people with communication impediments of all ages to read, write, speak, and learn by the use of images that are interpreted through write and voiced words. Stay tuned as we find more about this inspiring Latin American startup.

5. Educate together, on the beach

DreamHouse ‘Ewa Beach is a community-led school in Hawaii built by educators, parents, and community members who have been working to design a public charter school in ‘Ewa Beach. This impressive, collaborative project aims to alleviate overcrowding and offer families another option at the secondary level. We’ll put the spotlight on ‘Ewa Beach to discover just how valuable this project is to achieving SDG 4.

6. Empowering the tech leaders of the future

SmartStart is an innovation program set up to enable young Cambodian university students to launch their own tech startups. One of its winners includes Tos Rean: an online platform that connects students with much needed home tutoring services. Soon we’ll be diving deep into how exactly this program works, and what possibilities it brings into focus.

So How Can You Stay Up to Date?

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These 6 companies work towards the following SDGs: